Associate Appraisers

At A1 Los Angeles Home Appraisals, our associate appraisers are highly informed experts in their respective neighborhoods.

Darius Carter

With experience in Real Estate Appraising for the past 20+ years. An emphisis in Residential Properties including SFR, ADU, Duplex, Triples, and Residential Land.

Michael Tidwell

Michael specializes in high-quality reporting and consulting in estate planning, estate tax disputes, and material dissolution. Experience includes complex and high-value residential, condominium units,  small multiunit residential, and institutional-grade apartment communities.

Alex Bombino

Sherman Oaks- His past experience as a real estate broker, Alexander has expertise in Financial Analysis, Leasing, and Purchase, Real Estate Market Analysis and Review, Project Management, and is fluent in Spanish.

Melinda Stout “Mindy”

Chatsworth- With experience in accounting, Mindy has expertise in detail, neighborhood complexity, and market change.

Berno Lee

La Canada- With experience in business operations and manufacturing, Berno has expertise in making his valuations solid and defendable and is fluent in Korean.

Melissa Stapelfeldt

Burbank- Her experience in real estate as an agent and then an appraiser has expertise in making his valuations solid and defendable.